Hollywood.com: Everyone’s Ticket to Hollywood

Hollywood.com pioneers new ways to bring Hollywood’s stories to the world through technology, starting with the Hollywood.com Movie Tickets App coming soon to the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and on your desktop at Hollywood.com. 

Hollywood is too big to experience at home or through our phone screens. Part of the beauty of Hollywood is how it brings us all together to collectively experience a story. There’s truly no place like the movie theaters to experience a story, except it’s a huge pain to buy movie tickets and reserve your favorite seats. 

That’s why we’re saving moviegoers from the slow and clunky experience of older movie ticketing apps and bringing them a whole new way to buy movie tickets. We’re completely disrupting the movie ticket buying experience with the fastest and easiest way to buy movie tickets for the hottest Hollywood movies at all major U.S. theater chains.

Hollywood.com: Real, Feel-Good Movie & Entertainment News

At Hollywood.com, we love a good story. Just like the ending to your favorite story, the good always conquers the bad. That’s why we’re committed to bringing you feel-good stories about all things Hollywood in every way, shape, and form.

When looking at the entertainment media landscape, we realized that most major sites just skim the surface of what happens in Hollywood. We don’t want anyone to come to Hollywood.com to read stories that can be found on any other entertainment news site, and we’re not here to bash the celebrities we love and admire. 

That’s why we deliver entertainment news that actually entertains and uplifts. We cover anything and anyone that makes us feel good, ranging from movies, TV shows, and music to celebrity news, influencers, fashion, books, home decor, gaming, and so much more.

Hollywood.com saves you from reality while sharing real, feel-good stories with substance.  There is no place like Hollywood.com because Hollywood is a home for all of us. It’s where we go to experience stories and connect with real and fictional characters. 

Hollywood.com: A Leader in Entertainment Technology For 30 Years

We really do love Hollywood––the proof is in our name. We were the first site to nationally list movie theater showtimes back in the 90s. Since our launch, we’ve become a national leader for Hollywood content and an abundance of videos including movie trailers, interviews, and photographs and we’re continuing to come up with out-of-the-box tech solutions for the entertainment industry.

Principally owned by Mitch Rubenstein and Laurie Silvers, the entrepreneurial couple who founded the SyFy channel and MovieTickets.com, we’re dedicated to bringing out the good in Hollywood. Mitch and Laurie are philanthropists, too––both serve on the boards of several non-profits and are committed to doing good in business. Laurie is Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the University of Miami. She is past Chair of South Florida PBS and currently serves on the Board of the PBS Foundation in DC. And, she is a long-time mentor for at-risk high school girls through the Women of Tomorrow organization. Laurie is also one of three co-founders of The Promise Fund, a non-profit which provides navigators to assist underprivileged women in dealing with cancer.